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Pitz band

The Pitz are a traditional, no frills, four-piece band; two acoustic guitars, bass and drums. No gadgets or gismos, tapes or computers; what you see is what you get.

They are based in Derbyshire and provide musical entertainment for functions such as weddings, birthdays, fetes, open-days, garden parties, family celebrations and musical evenings in restaurants pubs and clubs.


"The age range of the party guests was difficult, ranging from 16-70 but everyone felt included. We have never had so many people up dancing. The Pitz were excellent"

Maura Dormer - Chatsworth House


"There's nothing jaded or cynical about their performances. The real achievement of The Pitz is the affection and honesty they show to other people's tracks.
They play these covers as if they'd written them themselves"

Phil Bramley, Deputy Editor, Derbyshire Times


"To the most fantastic band in the world.
The night would not have been a fraction of what it was without you!!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Sarah Hanson, organizer of 'Helping Haiti' charity night, Brampton Manor.